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January 24, 2020

For the 4th consecutive Friday snow will fall in my area. Here's the latest on the storm and what you can expect in what I'm calling the "4th installment". Roll weather...TS

January 23, 2020

The next system to impact the region with snow is beginning to come together over Kansas. Low pressure at 500mb is closing off as it gets set to make the bend and push into Missouri tonight. Moisture is already being pulled northward and that will spread snow back into my area tonight, especially after midnight.

Occasional light to moderate snow should last into Friday (even Friday night over the area southeast of a line from roughly Dubuque to Ce...

January 23, 2020

Slowly but surely the first part of our double barreled storm system made its way across the region Wednesday. Snow fell over a large part of Iowa but as it moved east it fizzled a bit east of the Mississippi as it encountered resistance from dry air and out ran its upper air support. In general accumulations were in the 1-3" range.

The totals you see below are from the Iowa Mesonet through 2:25 am. Some places had more but the reports have n...

January 22, 2020

When I'm wondering about weather folklore and historical events this is the man I go to. With more than 50 years of statistical and observational research, he's the dude! When it comes to lunar cycles, woolly bear caterpillars, insects, bugs, and animals, he tracks them, records them, and establishes ties to weather patterns. He's a knowledgeable and interesting man. His name is Steve Gottschalk by way of Lowden, Iowa. I'm grateful to him for len...

January 22, 2020

A long duration light to occasionally moderate snow event is entering the central Midwest. Here's the latest by way of video regarding what we can expect for snow between Wednesday afternoon and Friday night...Roll weather! TS

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