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March 17, 2017

Aside from the fact it's St. Patrick's day, it's also "March Madness"...and I'm not talking about basketball. We are now into that time of year where seasonal wave lengths start changing as extreme temperature contrasts become common place. Take Thursday for example. At 7:00pm in the evening temperatures ranged from the 90s over the deserts of the southwest to the upper teens over the snow covered northeast.

That thermal variance sets up an active...

March 14, 2017

Well, I must say it pretty weird to glance out the window and see a world of white. Since the first of the year the ground at my place has been bare. You get used to seeing the brown grass and then bam, the world morphs into winter. And it's not just here. Look at how widespread the snow was around the central Midwest.

The 10.6" snow in Waterloo came less than an inch from becoming the all-time snowiest day in March history. Just another example o...

March 13, 2017

Snow has (or will be) wrapping up around the region as the late winter storm heads for the big cities of the northeast. Up to 13" fell around Spencer in northwest Iowa. Waterloo racked up 10.4" and Independence had about 8". The totals below are from the Iowa Mesonet.

Here's some additional reports from the NWS in the Quad Cities as of 11:30am.

The radar shows snow returns rapidly diminishing.

 Warnings and advisories have been dropped for much of t...

March 13, 2017

Snow has been falling over large parts of the Midwest since late Sunday afternoon or evening. As expected, many areas have seen (or are on track) for 3-7" accumulations. Here and there some 8-9" totals will make for really good sledding. Those will be isolated

As I make this post the storm is still in progress though beginning to wind down to my west. The surface low at 6:00am Monday should be close to Kirksville, Missouri.

Roughly, this is what to...

March 12, 2017

This will be brief as I am working at KGAN CBS2 and FOX 28 tonight. You can catch me there live at 9:00 on FOX and 10 on CBS. 

Just wanted to throw out the 18z snowfall forecasts from the US models. Here's the new GFS

The NAM:

The 4k hi-res NAM 

Below I've added this NWS generated snowfall forecast. 

Again, this adds up to a widespread snow event on the order of 3-9" for the heart of the Midwest.

Here's where the snow is currently found.

Remember on the...

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