September 10, 2020

Wednesday's hi-resolution GOES satellite really tells the tale of the days weather. Look at that canopy of think clouds from Ontario back into Iowa trailing into Texas. If you were under that chances are good you saw some rain or at least drizzle and unseasonably cool temperatures. Not a nice day.

A few places in Iowa didn't even get out of the 40s (47 was the high Estherville). It was only 52 in Cedar Rapids. A number of places had record cool hi...

September 9, 2020

When I'm wondering about weather folklore and historical events this is the man I go to. With more than 50 years of statistical and observational research, he's the dude! When it comes to lunar cycles, woolly bear caterpillars, insects, bugs, and animals, he tracks them, records them, and establishes ties to weather patterns. He's a knowledgeable and interesting man. His name is Steve Gottschalk by way of Lowden, Iowa. I'm grateful to him for len...

September 9, 2020

Finally, the rains have come to the central Midwest. They were hard earned and very much needed. This was the rainfall departure for the period August 1st-September 5th. Some greater than 4 inches.

Then came this impressive fall storm (remnant energy form a Pacific typhoon) and how things have changed 

This Doppler estimate is out of Des Moines. It shows rainfall from Saturday night through Tuesday evening.

This estimate form the NWS site in the Qua...

September 8, 2020

For two and a half months the days have been getting shorter and the suns energy less direct. The annual pilgrimage of the sun is having its effect. Summer is dying for another year and if you have any doubts a little trip outdoors will convince you of that. 

Yes, the long advertised cold front has passed and a damp, dreary period is ahead of us. Adding insult to injury Tuesday will be a chilly northeast wind that will keep temperature as muc...

September 5, 2020

Make no mistake about it the Midwest is going to be a glutton when it comes to weather the next 7 days. There's so much on the table it's tough to chose where to start. When that happens, the old stand by is the beginning so here we go.


This period is dominated by warm temperatures and the threat of scattered thunderstorms late Saturday night and early Sunday as an MCS rides a boundary southeast into Minnesota and northern Iowa. The sou...

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