September 9, 2017

Two veteran tornado chasers that hunt with Terry and I are now tracking Hurricane Irma in southern Florida. 

Kholby Martin and Ethan Schisler, who are both from Galesburg,Illinois, flew down to Miami today with Martin’s father, Mike.


They didn’t have long after disembarking from the (nearly empty!) plane for the adventure to begin.  

The car rental agency had been abruptly shut down by po...

September 9, 2017

Powerful Hurricane Irma continues to make it's way toward the state of Florida, leaving behind damage and breaking record after record. Hurricane hunters are out collecting data until Irma makes landfall in Florida sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Irma has made landfall in Cuba and may weaken *slightly.* Once Irma gets into the Florida Straits, before making landfall, it will likely strengthen a bit and is expected to be a strong category 4...

September 8, 2017

Within 24 hours, Hurricane Irma will strike the state of Florida causing untold destruction and mayhem. Millions of people are nervously awaiting the storm’s arrival. Including the family of our own meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman. 

Rebecca works with Terry at KGAN TV and is the morning meteorologist…you can see her in the mornings and during the noon show.  She is also one of the meteorologists who is a contributor to and frankly we co...

September 8, 2017

The writing is on the wall, a devastating hurricane is on the way to the Sunshine State. Barring some radical change, there is now good model consensus that Irma will strike southern and eastern Florida as a major hurricane Saturday night and Sunday. The screaming message, get out of Dodge, or in this case Florida.

The EURO, whose skill scores are unmatched by other models shows this for a Florida landfall.

The GFS which has been much further east...

September 7, 2017

As we wait to see what happens with Irma, the weather remains cool, calm, and collected around the Midwest. Wednesday morning the low in Cedar Rapids hit 41 missing the record by just 2 degrees.

You can see how widespread the 40s were around the Midwest.

This continues the trend of below normal temperatures that's dominated the region since late July. Here's the August departures.

And here's where we are in September so far. Not much change a week i...

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