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The Midwest is known for its weather diversity and today will be a perfect example of that. A deepening storm system will sweep across Iowa and Wisconsin bringing a wide variety of weather from temperatures, to precipitation, and frisky winds. Here’s the storm at 9:00am Tuesday.

In the warm sector (where much of my area resides) temperatures at mid-morning are in the 40s and 50s, Northwest of the surface low readings are in the teens and 20s.

In the warm sector rain is falling. In the cold sector snow rules the day. Here’s the snowfall forecast off the GFS. You boys up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin will get a nice one. Love that area! Ride those sleds like you mean it.

Some decent January rains of 1/4 to 1/2″ will fall in the warm sector. Here’s the total precip. forecast by the GFS.

Look at the winds too. After starting southerly in my area they really crank up from the west northwest in the afternoon. Some gusts to 40mph are certainly possible. Temperatures will fall in the afternoon from west to east and the afternoon will end with cold blustery conditions and perhaps a few snow showers.

Sadly I won’t see much of the white gold but it will be an interesting day of weather changes. Never a dull moment and that’s fine by me. Roll weather…TS

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