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Break out the bell bottoms, leisure suits, peace signs and beads, it looks like the 60s are gonna make a comeback next weekend. For several days now the long wave pattern has been hinting at the potential and today I have seen enough to put the possibility on the table.

Here's your 500mb upper air pattern that holds the key. A massive ridge returns to the east and a trough holds sway over the west. A deep fetch of southwesterly winds aloft and at the surface fuels the warmth.

Here's the highs for Saturday and Sunday from the EURO.

As you would expect 60s (even 70s from Kansas to Missouri and southern Illinois) are way above the norms which in my area are about 35. In some parts of central Canada readings are forecast to be more than 40 degrees above normal. That is sic. Here are the temperature departures for Saturday and Sunday.

Aside from the incredible temperatures, this thaw is also remarkable in that it happens on the weekend. We can actually get out and enjoy it. Let's hope something funky does not happen to alter the change. I feel good about even 7 days in advance. Now where did I put that peace sign? Roll weather...TS

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