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We're now 15 days away from the end of Meteorological Winter, and it's been pretty lean on the white gold (as Mr. Swails lovingly refers to it). The numbers don't lie - we're very behind on snow across the Midwest.

Below is a breakdown of the snowfall we've had so far and the top 5 least snowiest years on record.

Cedar Rapids so far as had 11.6" of snow, which is 11 inches below normal for this point in the season. Right now, we fit in at the third least snowiest.

The Quad Cities has had 15.5" inches of snow so far, which is 8 inches below normal. The QC is placed at fourth least snowiest on record right now.

Des Moines has had 8.9" of snow so far this winter, which is a whopping 15.6" below normal! That places Des Moines at third least snowiest on record right now.

Terry's last article detailed the warmth and lack of moisture ahead... so here's the European through February 23rd:

We can still get snow through April and many of the least snowiest years above DID have measurable snowfall in February and March. We average about 6-8 additional inches of snow through the rest of February, March and April.

There is time to make up the snowfall deficit, but for now it's Spring in February!


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