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Saturday was a splendid day across the Midwest with plenty of sunshine and comfortable weather.

One thing to note here with these temperatures is how it's warmer to the north (in parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas) compared to Iowa and Illinois. This is a perfect example of how the cold waters of the Great Lakes plays a role in the temperatures. There was a northeast to easterly breeze today and that kept temperatures lower. Winds will be shifting more out of the south Sunday and that will bump the temperatures up close to this:

I think these temperatures may be underdone by a few degrees and it should be a beautiful day. Monday will be even warmer and here's why:

A weak storm will move through the Midwest and with winds out of the southwest and temperatures will be warmer. It will be dry because there isn't a good connection to the Gulf of Mexico and there won't be much moisture on the south side of the system. As a result, high temperatures look like this Monday afternoon:

After this the weather turns more active with a few systems that will lead to shower and some thunderstorms in the Midwest. Here's the surface pattern Tuesday afternoon:

The temperatures will stay mild through Tuesday and then cooler weather will continue to stay mild up until this point and then there cooler air will move in. Here's the temperature departures over the next 7 days:

This is a result of the SOI being negative for roughly two week:s ad has just gone positive as of Saturday:

The negative SOI indicated below normal temperatures for some period of time in the Unites States. The cooler weather will be a result of clouds and precipitation. Here's the precip for the next 7 days:

After the nice weather, the weather turns more active. April showers bring May flowers.. right?


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