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I am not a natural runner. I don't move effortlessly through the wind. There is no poetry in motion. In fact, I tend to test the boundaries between a walk and a run. However, Terry is a hard-core disciplined runner and has always been one since I've known him. I remember some of our earliest dates were "running" dates where he would sprint ahead and then jog backwards yelling motivating slogans. It was only motivating when he ran into a parked car, flipped sideways over the hood, and kept going.

So long story short. I have been running for 30 years and on. But mostly on. The breast cancer did sideline me for a long time. I had my final breast reconstruction surgery at the end of January and was downgraded to walking until everything healed.

But spring is here and anything is possible...right! It's time to get the train back on the track. It's time to break out, set goals, and make the most of life. So I've decided to train and run for the Quad Cities Half Marathon in September. And I need a few good girlfriends to join me. The marathon is set for Sunday, September 24th at 7:30 a.m. (Brenda Hefel from Farley, Iowa I hope you are making a note of that...). The half marathon covers four cities, three bridges, two states and one island. I ran this half marathon back in the was probably 15 years ago. So it will be challenge.

But. It can be done. Maybe not breezing through the air like a gazelle to the finish line, but more like a tortoise who just keeps slogging away. That's okay. As long as I finish, I will be King...ummm rather make than Queen.

There are roughly five months until the race. So there is time to go from the couch to the starting gate. There are plenty of guides online for training for half marathons. I have found one that is an eight-week plan so will start with that for now. If there women (and I am slow so bear that in mind) who would like to run with me, I would love that so much! We can plan for some long runs together when everyone gets up to speed.

So think about it. Dust off your tennis shoes and take a trial run/walk. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. But man sure feels good when you make it happen.

Catch ya down the road...


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