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After a beautiful weekend the mild weather will roll right on into the work week. On top of the warmth, there will be periodic rain chances through the next couple of days. The expected temperatures for Monday and Tuesday will stick pretty close to normal.

There will be a few storms that roll through the Midwest and look to set up in areas that don't need any more rain right now. Here's the next five days surface pattern and precipitation:

And the resulting precipitation totals from the Weather Prediction Center:

Last week parts of Missouri and Illionis received FIVE times the normal amount of rainfall. Here's a look at the precipitation departures from the Midwestern Regional Climate Center:

Luckily the rainfall won't be as heavy as last week, but there could still be some additional flooding issues if these tracks and totals pan out.

Definitely a spring pattern in the works over the next few days with 60s, 70s and showers and thunderstorms. This is quite different than early May in the year 1885. Here's a blurb from the National Weather Service in Des Moines:

"A late spring cold spell produced frost and flurries across Iowa from May 6-9, 1885. On the morning of the 6th it was reported that ice half an inch thick formed on standing water in Muscatine County. Flurries were reported at Sibley, St. Ansgar, and Waukon that morning and at other stations across northern Iowa on the following two days. The cold spell resulted in widespread damage to garden plants, orchards, and other vegetation across the state."


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