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It was feeling like fall in parts of the Midwest Friday and this weekend won't be much different. Temperatures in my local area were the coolest since late April with temperatures that barely broke the 50 degree mark. Saturday will be another rainy and stormy day across parts of the Midwest. Here's the surface pattern for Saturday afternoon:

Temperatures will only be in the 50s and 60s in Minnesota and Iowa with highs pushing 80 in parts of Illinois and Indiana:

There is the chance for some strong storms where there will be more instability and the risk has gone down in parts of my local area with the cooler temperatures projected:

Rain moves out of the Midwest Sunday but clouds and cool air will linger. Check out these highs -

Temperatures are going to be at or below normal across the Midwest over the next six days. Here's the temperature departures on the GFS:

Sooo if you're looking for the 80s.. gotta head to Florida.

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