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I just have to show you one of the 2 vehicles Dahl Ford is providing me for this years 10th anniversary storm chase. That's a smoking hot ride! KV and his people make sure we have the best. I'm extremely proud of the look and Dahl's willingness to support since its inception in 2013.


We did pick up one new team member Tuesday but still have a couple seats open for this years chase which takes place June 5th-11th. It's without a doubt a rock bottom price (none better) and it's a fabulous time. If you're in a rut and want to get out of your box this is the experience of a lifetime. If you need some additional details click HERE TO SEE ON THE CHASE 2017 Contact my lovely wife Carolyn at to secure you spot. We would love to have you along for the ride!

As expected Tuesday was another lame day with cool temperatures, scattered showers, and plenty of clouds. You can see all the 50s dominating the Midwest at 6:00pm Tuesday evening.

You can see on the radar the extent of the showers that roamed the region at the same time.

This latest round of unsettled weather is brought about by this impressive late May trough. Wow, wish it was winter!

It looks like this on the infra-red satellite.

With the trough still lingering close by Wednesday I do not look for much change. The cold pool aloft will generate more afternoon instability so hit and miss showers will once again make an appearance, especially mid to late afternoon. In general they look spotty and light with coverage 40% or less. With mostly cloudy skies, northerly winds, and the pop corn showers temperatures will struggle to get much above 60.

By Thursday morning with decreasing clouds and light winds temperatures will head deep into the 40s. A few 30s are possible in favored low lying cold air drainage areas of SE Minnesota and SW Wisconsin around Rochester and La Crosse.

The cool weather should come as no surprise if you follow the MJO (Madden Julian Oscillation). As you can see below the MJO is in Phase 2 which correlates to below normal temperatures in the month of May. We got those!

Until we can cycle the MJO through phases 2 and 3, (follow the dotted green line) the below normal temperatures are likely to continue the rest of May. By early June we should see a nice reversal, something you would expect as the days lengthen and the suns rays strengthen. Roll weather...TS

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