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The "Into The Storm" Chase Powered by Dahl Ford has launched. This is our 10th year of tracking extreme weather in the country's midsection. The team is headed to Dodge City, Kansas tonight. Tuesday we'll land on our target destination. New Mexico! We have never chased in New Mexico before, but the state has a reputation for incredibly photogenic storms. It should be amazing.

We have an unbelievable team that, despite coming together for the first time, has already gelled into cohesive unit. I grabbed a quick video while we had stopped for lunch in Des Moines, Iowa (Wendys)..however my data ran out so there is a bit of an abrupt ending! No worries though. I cleared everything off my phone so I should be good to go from here on out.

What Kholby was trying to explain was that there is decent instability, adequate wind shear, and moisture present for possible rotating storms...aka super New Mexico. The main threat will be large hail and gusting winds. But Kholby says an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out! The severe threat does appear to be confined to New Mexico and eastern Colorado. The next system is expected to arrive towards late week targeting the central northern plains.

The bottom line is that we should have several excellent days to chase.

We are again riding in luxury thanks to our awesome supporters at Dahl Ford. A heartfelt thank you to KV Dahl and the gang.

I will keep you posted on our stay tuned to!


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