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Dear Fellow Storm Chasers:

Wish you were here! The weather is GREAT! It's a toasty 97 degrees. We are diggin' it! It's been a lovely drive. Made it to the Great State of Kansas in about 5 1/2 hours. Bunking down tonight at the Best Western Inn in Dodge City. FREE BREAKFAST!

We learned some fun facts when we stopped off at a gas station this afternoon. These folks in Kansas have quite a sense of humor. Thought you might enjoy a taste of the sublime from the Sunflower State. (I have not seen a single sunflower, but a lot of they might want to rethink that nickname). Terry picked out his favorites for you. You'll note the emphasis on tornadoes.

And earthy humor.

Tomorrow it's on the Land of Enchantment. Better known as New Mexico. The super cell structures are suppose to be extra enchanting there so that works out well. Plus the state bird is a roadrunner which will be inspirational if we get too close to said super cell. Now don't worry!

It's always Safety First with this bunch!

Gotta run. It's time to fuel-up.

Take care!

We'll be sending more messages from the weather front.


Terry and Carolyn

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