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The next week will be a fun one for me as I get to attend my annual weather conference. This time I will be in Portland, Oregon which I'm told is a pretty amazing place.

Last year's conference was a disaster when I was hospitalized in Quebec City, Canada with a serious internal infection in my back. I eventually had to have it drained and spent a week in the University of Iowa hospital and missed 2 weeks of work. I had a PIK installed which I used to inject medicine for about a month. That my friends was a horrible experience. But a quick way to lose 9 lbs!

Hopefully no medical issues on this trip. And while you'll be enjoying very cool weather here, I'll be looking at triple digit heat in Portland and the surrounding Willamette Valley. Here's what the GFS has for highs in Portland on Sunday. A whopping 104 degrees. Been a long time since I've seen heat like that!

One way to cool off from heat like that is to visit Oregon's wine country which I can do Sunday since that's just a registration day for me. From what I understand the Willamette Valley, is Oregon’s leading wine region, has over two-thirds of the state’s wineries and vineyards, and is home to nearly 500 wineries. It is recognized as one of the premier Pinot noir producing areas in the world. Other cool-climate varieties such as Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gewürztraminer are equally at home in the Willamette Valley. Nothing like the cooling effects of good glass of Vino on a 100 degree day. You can see the Willamette Valley below from Portland to Eugene.

Another stunning shot of Portland at sunset.

I also hope to get a good view of Mt Hood. It's a stratovolcano and rises to an elevation over 11,000 ft. A pretty iconic little peak.

I also hear there are many more things to do in and around the region so between conference sessions there will be time for exploration and eating. This will be a week where I might gain a couple pounds. Of course I will do it in the name of meteorological research! Look for more on the travels of T. Swails in coming posts. Until then, roll weather...TS

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