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Here's a brain teaser for you. If you put a group of meteorologists together in a room, what will they talk about? Well, it's complicated. No...I mean really complicated!

Terry is among the weather experts at the American Meteorological Society on Atmospheric Fluid Dynamics and the 19th Conference on the Middle Atmosphere.

Here's a little sampling of some of the topics they're tossing around. First up, we have the coupling between moisture clouds and circulation. Then they slide into discussions about dynamic interaction between storm tracks and jets. Let's not forget water vapor and convection. Or. The quasi-biennial oscillation processes and variability. Plus. The polar vortices and planetary waves theory. And to cap it all off? Sudden stratospheric warming.

That is pretty heady stuff. But it's the nectar of the gods for these men and women. Bottom line Terry is truly enjoying his time in Portland. It's a great balance of science and fun.....................

By the way, this is (now) Terry and there was some discussion today at the conference about the severe weather potential that's shaping up around the Midwest the next couple of days. In fact, Thursday has the makings of a volatile day in some parts of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. I haven't had time to really get into it deep but it's a day when all modes of severe weather (including tornadoes) are possible.

The action gets underway Wednesday and SPC has this for a risk area.

Here's the current outlook for Thursday. Pretty sure this will go enhanced in some areas with the overnight update.

Aside from the severe weather threat, locally heavy rains are quite possible as repeated rounds of storms rumble across the Midwest. There is a flash flood threat for some part of the Midwest but we won't know precisely where that sets up until after the first volley has passed Wednesday. This is what the GFS has for total rain the next 4 days.

Time to take the family out for dinner. Some really cool places to pick from, especially if you don't mind dropping a little cash. That's what you make it for! Roll weather from Portland, Oregon...TS

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