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(Tornado in Prairieburg seen from Viola - photo by Cathy)

Severe weather moved across the Upper Midwest last night and nearly 30 tornadoes were reported in four states. In Iowa alone, there were 13 reports of tornadoes and some of them were large.

Not too far away from Cedar Rapids, a tornado touched down in Central City. This is a small town, but on this particular night.. it was the first night of the Linn County Fair.

The tornado went on to the northeast to the town of Prairieburg, a town of about 200 people. Here's a video of the tornado seen from Tuma -

The storm cycled and possibly produced another tornado near Cascade in Dubuque county. The National Weather Service will be surveying the damage today to estimate how strong the tornado(es) were.

There is the potential for additional thunderstorms today, although the risk is not as high.

Strong winds and hail will be possible with scattered storms later on this afternoon and evening. Overall the risk is lower than yesterday.


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