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Parts of the Midwest have been slammed with storms and flooding while other parts have dealt with some intense heat - some areas experienced both on Friday afternoon! Here's a look at rainfall totals from Friday -

Parts of northern Iowa picked up 2 to 5 inches of rain where they've already had heavy rain the last few weeks. Flash flooding is still a concern in parts of Wisconsin and northeast Iowa where the ground is very saturated.

Down to the south of the rain it was heating up Friday afternoon. Temperatures were near 90 and heat index values got into the triple digits. Instability grew and storms developed along a boundary near I-80. Strong storms moved through portions of Iowa and Illinois with heavy rain and even reports of funnel clouds and possibly a tornado in the Quad Cities area,

We can all use a breaks from the storms and the heat. And a break is coming but we still have 24 hours of heat to get through.

Storms are going to come to an end early Saturday but the heat will remain. Temperatures will be in the 80s and 90s in the Upper Midwest with some 100 readings expected in Missouri and southern Illinois. Humidity is going to remain high with dew points in the upper 60s to near 80.

Heat indices will also once again be near and above 100. Drier air starts to move in on Sunday, as a cold front moves through, and humidity will be noticeably lower.

And it gets even lower by Monday....

After several days of intense heat this is going to be a welcome change. Still warm and a little muggy out there, but a dream compared to 80+ dew points!

Additionally with the drier air that moves in, storm chances will be low over the next few days. That will be beneficial for parts of the Midwest that have been dealing with flooding.


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