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There's nothing too special in the works in the weather department the next week. The (relatively) dry air of the weekend will retreat and humidity will gradually rise over the next few days.

Above are the dew points from Sunday afternoon - just beautiful to have dews in the 50s and 60s on the second to last day of July! Humidity is going be a little higher Monday afternoon. We'll have a case of the muggies once again on Tuesday.

This is as the next cold front approaches and draws up some moisture. A few scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible Wednesday, but nothing too impressive.

A second, stronger front will arrive toward the end of the week and bring in another round of dry air. Here's an animation of the week ahead with storm chances:

And on this meteogram for Cedar Rapids check out the drop that happens as a result of the two cold fronts:

Overall nothing too crazy this week. Not too bad as we roll into August...


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