Summer rains are as erratic as flies at a picnic. They come and go and can be just as irritating, drenching some and bypassing others. It's always a trick to get the right amount at the appropriate time, just ask a farmer...it's something they've learned to live with.

This summer is an excellent example of just how extreme rains can be over a very short distance. Look at this graphic showing July rainfall. It goes from top 3 all-time wetness in SW Wisconsin to top 9 all-time dryness in south-central Iowa...a distance of less than 200 miles. The data is based on 125 years of records.

In my viewing area alone, rainfall varied from 14.28" in Guttenberg to 0.74" in Sigourney. A range of 13.54" in 150 miles. That's the difference between severe flooding and significant drought.