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All the chatter in the Midwest weather world the past couple weeks has been focused on the comfortable weather conditions we've been enjoying. Once again this morning some spots were down in the upper 40s. (48 in Waterloo and 49 in Davenport). Those longer nights are starting to have an impact as we slowly transition to fall.

Here's a few other reports from the upper Midwest. Some locations in the U.P. of Michigan were down in the lower 40s.

This pleasant temperature pattern is caused by a 500mb jet stream flow that looks like this on the EURO EPS ensemble.

A little disturbance in the flow passes Wednesday night/Thursday and should bring some scattered showers and storms to the Midwest. Unfortunately for my area. the amounts look light. Here's what the EURO has for rain totals.

The passage of this disturbance reinforces the comfortable air mass for the coming weekend and much of next week. The 10 day temperature departure August 8-18th looks like this.