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The worst of the summer is behind us, but it can still get hot and humid. However... it's been about a month since we've seen the big 9-0 in much of the Midwest. In Cedar Rapids the last 90 degree high temperature was back on July 20th. The next one could be on Sunday.

The humidity isn't going to be incredibly high, but it will make it feel uncomfortable outside.

Meteorological summer runs through the end of August and the autumn equinox is on September 22nd. So still plenty of summer to go. The chart below shows the average date of the last 90 degree temperature for the year.

There is the potential we could have another hot day on Monday, but there are some differences between the models right now. Of course Monday's forecast is a hot topic of discussion because of a solar eclipse happening.. You may have heard about it. Here are the high temperature forecasts Monday on the GFS and then the European:

The European is showing lower temperatures, particularly in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. There are some differences in timing, location and intensity of rainfall on Monday. There will likely be rain in *parts* of the Midwest on Monday but it is too soon to know the timing or location.

Here's three different models interpretation of the rain on Monday afternoon around the peak of the eclipse (which will happen between 12:30 to 1:30 across the Midwest).

Three different stories here - so this is why it's too soon to know. Rain doesn't mean the viewing of the eclipse will be totally ruined. It will depend on how scattered and how strong the activity will be. We will talk about the forecast for Monday in the next two days of course. Things can still change!

The good news is that if you are planning on travelling further south into totality it does look like it will be mostly dry (or any showers/storms would be very scattered).

If you'd like information on the eclipse in your city or a city you're traveling to you can click on the photo above. On the top right just type in your city name and voila!

Have a great weekend! RK

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