As many of you may recall, this summer TSWAILS.COM went extreme weather hunting, and for the first time brought along folks who share our passion for storms.

We had a first rate group consisting of Scott Haynes, Blaine Hilton, Jesse Vaniseghem, John Miller, Kholby Martin, Ethan Schisler, Terry and myself. We logged 3,300 miles in about a week traveling from Iowa to Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota. We saw some epic wall clouds, crazy big hail, amazing storm structures, and even managed to squeeze in Mount Rushmore. It was a fabulous journey with John, Terry, and Kholby sharing their weather expertise and storm tracking knowledge with the group nearly minute by minute!

When a group of people who share the same passions come together it is inevitable that bonds will form. And so it did with us. So much so that after just two months, the band (so to speak) got back together. We held our first-ever Storm Chasers 2017 reunion last weekend. We were invited to Scott's beautiful home near DeWitt, Iowa where we had an amazing feast of beef brisket, hamburgers, sweet corn, watermelon, and frankly so much good stuff I can't begin to name it all. Scott's wife, Christy, who is a teacher at an alternative school, put out a spread you wouldn't have believed. It was like an early Thanksgiving.

Oh yes! We did a little ATV-ing too! So a huge thank you to the Haynes for hosting the party. A shout-out to our new storm chasing buddies Jesse and Blaine. And here's looking to many more most excellent adventures with Kholby, John and the rest of the gang.