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Meteorological fall began Friday and it certainly felt like it across the Midwest. Dry air moved in and dew points dropped into the 40s and 50s -

Just a little taste of what's to come. Lots of changes are ahead in the weather over the next few months.

Whenever the seasons change, there is always a transitions time with lots of opportunities for temperature swings. Before fall really settles in, temperatures will be warming up this weekend. A warm front will lift north across the Midwest at the surface and a ridge of high pressure will build in aloft.

Here's a look at the temperatures for the Labor Day weekend. It will be nice and warm, but the humidity will remain relatively low so it will be comfortable.

Temperatures on Sunday will be the warmest temperatures since early August.

Much of the Midwest will remain warm Monday, but cooler air will start to move in throughout the day behind a strong early season cold front.

Due to a lack of moisture in the Upper Midwest, the front likely won't produce more than just clouds and some sprinkles Monday night to early Tuesday morning. With more instability to the south of Iowa, convection may increase ahead of the front Tuesday afternoon through Missouri and southern Illinois.

The big change comes with the temperatures. That ridge we talked about earlier gets replaced by a big 'ol trough:

This is going to be a real taste of fall early next week with cool temperatures, low humidity and plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will take a 10 to 20 swing from Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon. Some parts of the Midwest could have some nights in the 30s next week, too.

Enjoy the summer weather this weekend!


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