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The weather has been making headlines since the Solar Eclipse to Harvey and now all eyes are on Hurricane Irma. Irma is a category 3 major hurricane and is expected to remain a major hurricane for several more days.

This is the official forecast from the National Hurricane Center through the next five days:

It is truly impossible to know if Irma will impact the United States and luckily there is time to watch. The unsettling thing about this storm is that the waters in the Atlantic Ocean are very favorable for sustaining Irma and even some strengthening. And while models disagree on exactly where Irma will go over the next 5-10 days, they are in agreement on Irma being a very strong hurricane.

Almost all of the models featured here keep Irma at a category 3 or higher. That means winds of 110 mph +. Not all of the models do show a U.S. landfall, but anyone along the east coast of the U.S. needs to pay close attention as Irma continues to move to the west.

In the Midwest the weather will be staying calm and in fact it will be cooling down.

On Labor Day a cold front will move through the Midwest and may bring in a few clouds and sprinkles but for the most part it will be quiet. It will still be warm and breezy Monday afternoon but cooler air will drain in as the day and night goes on.

Temperatures will go from close to 80 Monday afternoon to barely 70 degrees on Tuesday afternoon:

It is going to be feeling like fall through the middle of the week with very low humidity, a little bit of a breeze and below normal temperatures. Then the real cool down comes at night.. both Wednesday and Thursday mornings the potential exists for temperatures to get down into the 30s! Here's Wednesday morning's lows on the NAM:

In my local area this would be the first night in the 30s this season and the coolest temperatures we've seen since early May!

Labor Day is typically summer's last hurrah.. here comes fall!


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