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Some gorgeous fall weather found around the central Midwest Thursday. In typical fashion things started out crisp with some of the coolest readings of the year so far. The low in Monticello, Iowa dipped to 37 and Freeport, Illinois was right behind at 38.

By afternoon dry air, sunshine, and westerly winds allowed a nice warm-up with many spots climbing 30-35 degrees from morning lows. That allowed highs to peak in the 70s. With light winds, dry air, and sunny skies it was a sensational late September day.

Thursday night a fast moving cold front plowed through the area and while it wasn't much of a weather maker it did produce a few scattered clouds and sprinkles. Behind the front sunshine will once again prevail Friday but temperatures will be down at least 5 degrees. Nothing serious but a bit cooler. Here's what the EURO has for highs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Pretty close to normal. Throw in some sunshine and you have yourself a fine weekend.

Early next week the jet amplifies and another surge of unseasonably warm air pours into the Midwest. Highs could potentially hit the mid 80s in parts of my area which is nearly 20 degrees above normal.

Tuesday most likely will be the warmest day with the EURO showing this for a highs.

With the trough holding in the same general area Sunday-Wednesday some hefty rains are possible in the Plains and western Midwest. The EURO EPS ensemble shows this for 7 day rainfall. Wish that was a little bit further east!

To sum it up, the next few days look dry and seasonal around much of the central Midwest. Slice it, dice it, and eat it up. Roll weather...TS

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