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Just when you think everything is finally back to normal....Terry's heart has gone on a bit on the fritz. At this age, Terry's dad, Boo, had a serious heart attack with three blockages and open heart surgery. Since then, Boo has done amazing. When he realized nearly 30 years ago that he was having a heart attack, he drove himself to the emergency room. He had surgery, and has worked hard ever since to keep himself and his heart as healthy as possible by walking daily on the treadmill, cutting out sugars, and staying positive. Boo is a wonderful example of how someone with grit, determination, and courage can take control of their health and live a great life. Terry has atrial fibrillation ( an irregular, irregular heartbeat...) he had a full day of tests today to determine what exactly is going on. The bottom line. We don't know. More tests will be done and more questions will be answered. But I know Terry will knock this outta the park just like his dad. Terry runs four miles daily (7-8 minute miles) and has done so ever since we met. He is, in fact, my motivation to run and stay healthy. It's pretty hard to be married to someone so committed to daily rigorous exercise and not get in the game. Terry is an amazing athlete. Many people are surprised to find out the geeky meteorologist was a talented baseball and basketball player at Iowa city West in the 70s. (I certainly was!) To be honest, we thought this was going to be a quick fix. But more questions popped up and the cardiologist decided more answers were needed before continuing. Which is the good news. We'll get all the answers and then get everything sorted out and it'll be fine. Boo showed us how's its done. And like Father, like son...I know Terry will live up to his Dad's example.

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