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A potent clipper made it's way through the Upper Midwest on Monday and brought the white gold!

This was the scene in Dubuque (courtesy of Skyler Koons) where part of the city picked up two inches! The most my area has seen so far this season. Many other areas saw flakes but it was too warm for accumulation.

Side note - after the winter storm that moved through the south on Friday - every single state in the United States has had snow this season ALREADY!

Now, behind this clipper, colder air is settling in and it's going to be a cold day on Tuesday.

Then temperatures go back up... with northwest flow dominating the pattern there will be some ups and downs this week.

This is the pattern we've been stuck in for a while. It will lend itself to several clippers moving through the northern U.S. Most of the clippers will remain to the north of my local area but will still impact the temperatures. Sending them up on Wednesday...

And back down on Thursday:

Temperatures will largely be above normal through the week even though there will be some fluctuations. And even though there will be a few clippers moving through this week... there won't be much precipitation in the Midwest over the next seven days:

Hope you enjoyed the white gold if you got it... if not, we're all just waiting!


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