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Welcome to Stallion's Day!

December 17, 2017

Okay...you have your meteorologists...and you have your meteorologists.  But I believe Terry breaks the mold.  He is NOT your average geeky weather dude.  He is a dedicated athlete who's only passion in life is weather.  So the first time he declared his birthday was "Stallion's Day" well I kinda had to go along with it. (and it was 30 years ago and there were plenty of stars in my eyes)  Plus it was hilarious.  For a weather dude, he's crazy funny.  


So December 17th is Terry's birthday.  He was born in Iowa City, Iowa and is a staunch Iowa fan.


Through the years, this day might have been renamed..."The Old Grey Stallion's Day"....But despite the passage of time, he is still kicking butt and taking names.  So I am sending out special birthday wishes to my old boy who still inspires me to challenge myself and push myself further every day.  Heck I hope I can look that good at his age!!!!!  


Seriously...Terry is a good man.  And I am a lucky woman.  


Happy Birthday!  


I love you.








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