After a short but welcome break, temperatures are once again below zero around the central Midwest. The latest round of Arctic air is powered by a a fresh 1038 high building southward out of Manitoba.

This beast, although weaker than the 1050 high we just ushered out will see to it that lows remain below zero through Saturday morning. That will make it 11 out of 12 mornings with sub-zero temperatures. I don't know for sure when the last time that happened but my guess is at least a couple decades.

Here's what temperatures are forecast to look like early Thursday morning. Personally, it would not surprise me if some spots were several degrees colder.

Yesterday I mentioned a change in the pattern late in the weekend that will bring a warm-up. Highs should reach 30 into southern Iowa but the warmth will come with a cost and that's the threat of snow on Sunday. I'm still waiting for models to converge on a solution but as of late Wednesday no such luck. The EURO and GEM are in the snowier camps, the U.S. models, including the GFS and NAM not so much...in fact very little with even some rain in parts of the south.

To show you the range in solutions here's the snowfall forecasts from the EURO and GEM on Sunday. First the EURO.