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A dusting of snow fell across my local area on Friday. Now several disturbances will move through the Midwest and bring more snow. Ahead of the first system temperatures will be mild Saturday afternoon -

The low pressure system will pass straight through Iowa. There may be a brief wintry mix south of I-80 where temperatures are well above freezing. There will be a transition to some light snow as cold air moves in.

Snow will be very light over the weekend, just around one to two inches. This will be the first measurable snow in much of my local area in over two weeks.

A tighter view - with higher totals in Wisconsin around the Great Lakes

Temperatures will start to drop Saturday night and through the day Sunday.

Much colder air will be in place when the next system moves in on Monday. This storms looks more organized, stronger, has more moisture and more cold air.

There has been more consistency on snowfall totals among the models. Here's a look at the GFS through Tuesday morning:

And the Euro:

There is good agreement of the placement of the heaviest snow - the purples and pinks through Iowa and Illinois are around 6-10" of snow. Of course there could be some minor changes to the numbers and the exact track of the storm. However, it looks like a nice dose of white gold is coming!


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