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If I'm reading the signs right (and I believe I am) there is a lot of weather on the table the next few weeks. In fact, if the EURO weeklies are any indication March Madness is on the way.

It all starts with the negative NAO which is a strong pattern driver during late winter. Notice the control run depicting the North Atlantic Oscillation staying strongly negative the entire month.

The negative phase of the NAO correlates to temperature departures that look like this in March.

The EURO EPS ensemble generate a storm track at 500mb that has a very wintry appearance March 9th.

Here's the resulting temperature departure. Cold from coast to coast.

That's in stark contrast to the record warmth we are seeing over the east today.

With cold air available and blocking over Canada (tied to the negative NAO) the storm track should be active and slice across the Midwest. Storms could be frequent visitors and precipitation has the potential to be above to well above normal. The 46 day forecast off the EPS weekly control is the wettest I've seen in months.

Snowfall is ridiculous. I can't see any way this verifies to this degree but it shows the potential in the overall pattern for snow the next few weeks!

March madness in the weather world. All I can say is I'm really curious to see how this all plays out. Happy Friday and roll weather....TS

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