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The wave train is up and rolling across North America and the next 2 weeks will be active ones. While it looks like my local area will largely see rain in this pattern, you won't have to go far north to see snow and plenty of it in the upper Midwest.

Below you'll see 5 different systems at the 500mb jet stream level that will impact the region in the next 2 weeks. In this energetic pattern these are all moderate to strong in strength and capable of producing swaths of heavy precipitation. After 5-7 days models have more and more difficulty defining the tracks. Even so, they can still give us valuable clues on key trends. Here you go.

Storm 1...currently departing after bringing snow to the upper Midwest Saturday.

Storm 2 March 1st

Storm 3 March 6th

Storm 4 March 10th

Storm 5 March 12th

With the frequency and intensity of these systems, it's likely that significant precipitation will occur. March total precipitation averages for some cities in my area are shown below-Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Dubuque, Iowa City, and Moline highlighted in green. Notice for the entire month (highlighted in yellow) most averages are around 2.2 to 2.5". Snowfall in March ranges from 2-6".

As you can see, some places are shown in the next 2 weeks far exceeding precipitation totals that are average for the entire month of March....impressive.

Here's a regional perspective.

Where it snows, big snows are possible. Here's the total snow shown in the GFS through March 13th.

A larger Midwest perspective. The upper Midwest really gets hammered.

At this point, all you can do is take each storm one by one but I can safely say this, I'm going to be a busy boy the next couple of weeks in this action packed pattern. Roll weather...TS

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