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After a busy day Saturday it was a sunny, windy day in the Upper Midwest to end the weekend. The sun allowed us to take a look at the fresh snow on the ground.

The fresh snow had an impact on the temperatures where it got into the 40s in southeastern Iowa but was held in the low 30s in the northwest Sunday afternoon.

Warmer air is going to continue to progress northward, though, and lead to a mild start to the week. High pressure will be in control across much of the central U.S. Southerly flow will warm temperatures up for Monday afternoon -

The snowpack's influence will still be very strong and lead to much colder temperatures. Some of that snow will start to melt away as temperatures get even warmer Tuesday -

And then another mild day Wednesday -

A storm will start to move into the Upper Midwest Wednesday into Thursday. It will be a storm typical of late winter -- beginning with rain late Wednesday (there could even be thunder around) and transitioning to wet snow Thursday.

There is some pretty good consistency on the track of the storm, but differences on how much snow gets left behind. You can see the differences between the GFS and Euro below --

Of course this far out there are going to be changes to the track and the amounts.. At this point I think the European is a little overdone considering how warm it is going to be prior to the changeover to snow. It's also going to take time for snow to actually accumulate after temperatures in the 40s and 50s.. and snow ratios are going to be on the low end, likely close to 10:1.

It will be an interesting 24 hours during the middle of the week. Before then, enjoy the mild and calm start!


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