What a day Tuesday was. From Omaha, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, the Quad Cities and Chicago, highs hit or exceeded 60 degrees. Even Duluth, Minnesota with 22" of snow on the ground hit 41. Sunshine accompanied the warmth in many areas making it extra nice. Below you can see a sampling of 4:00pm observations.

In Cedar Rapids, we soared to 64 which tied the record for the date. Last year we had our first 60 February 17th (72 degrees). The year before that February 27th, (64 degrees). That's well ahead of the typical first date which is March 7th.

Wednesday will be a day of transition as a cold front sinks south through the Midwest. It will settle into Missouri and then turn stationary. You can tell where it resided by looking at Wednesday's projected highs.

The surface depiction at 6:00pm looks like this. Notice the low that's developing in Missouri. That's the next storm that will bring rain to the central Midwest by Wednesday night.