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After nine straight days of no precipitation in much of my local area, a storm moved in to end the week. A mixed bag of precipitation moved through Friday and will move out Saturday morning. Clouds and cool air will be left in the wake of this system for St. Patrick's Day.

Winds will be calmer, but will be coming in out of the northeast. Temperatures will be closer to normal Sunday.

Another storm will move into the Midwest Monday.

It will be a strong storm with good upper level support and will track south of my local area. Here's a look at the surface pattern Monday morning.

Most (if not all) of the precipitation will stay south of my area as well. But colder air will get pulled in. Check out the 850 mb temperature departure Tuesday afternoon -

Temperatures at the surface will be about 10 degrees below normal Tuesday afternoon. Being March temperatures will rebound pretty quickly. But in the meantime there will be an Irish chill in the air! RK

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