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I have a few spare minutes so I thought I would pass along the latest snowfall forecasts since my last post around noon. Some pretty impressive amounts for much of my area. In fact, this could end up being in the top 3 of all late spring snowstorms in Cedar Rapids...(March 21 or later). #1 is 16" March 27-28, 1931 and 14.5 in the great blizzard of April 8-10th, 1973.

The EURO has this for total snowfall.

The 18Z GFS.

The NAM.

The hi-res 3k NAM.

Every single model has at least 13.5" in Cedar Rapids. Wow. More snow forecasts later tonight. Roll weather and white gold...TS

P.S. The previous post is a video in my thoughts regarding the storm...

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