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Our weather has been anything but nice the past 2 weeks and a new month hasn't improved our fortunes. April came in cold and wintry all around the Midwest. The high of 33 Easter Sunday in Cedar Rapids was the coldest Easter here since 1975 (43 years ago).

Most of my area was fortunate Easter to avoid a band of heavy snow that cut across far southern Iowa and traveled into central Illinois. Quincy picked up 6" making this the largest winter storm of the year for them.

That night the skies cleared and temperatures, with light winds and fresh snow cover tanked Monday morning. In Macomb. Illinois the temperature reached 1 below zero. I was unable to find the tweet but I was told the -1 was the coldest temperature ever east of the Rockies and that far south April 2nd.

The same morning Cedar Rapids and Dubuque in my area tied their record lows for April 2nd. The record in Dubuque had been untouched since 1886, 122 years!

Here's the temperature departures we've compiled so far this April. Ugh!

By all accounts we shouldn't expect much in the way of warming the next 2 weeks. Here's the 5 day temperature departures through April 17th.

Days 0-5

Days 5-10

Days 10-15

That brings us to the storm that crosses the Midwest Tuesday. My area will be split between snow north and rain south, that eventually changes to snow before it ends Tuesday evening. Snowfall forecasts on the models look like this. Far northern Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are in the bullseye!

The high resolution 3k NAM



Following the storm reinforcing cold air dives into the Midwest keeping temperatures well below normal into the coming weekend. By then another storm will bring the threat of snow back to my area for Sunday. That looks interesting at this early juncture. Winter lives on! Roll weather...TS

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