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It is with great pleasure that I announce to the Midwest that a member of my fantastic weather team has won 1st runner up for the best male broadcasting hair of all TV stations in Iowa.

As you can see below he isn't afraid of a little pizzazz when it comes to his doo. He uses just the right balance of controlled spunk to style up everday.

In the weather office we were thrilled that Brandon brought us such fashionable exposure and since he's a single guy, this could be a game changer for the spunky dude from Orion, Illinois (just south of the Quad Cities). Some of you in that area may recall the name from his early days working at a number of radio stations as a DJ. I'm sure it held him back with the Ladies. You've heard the saying, a face for radio. Not B-Marsh! His smooth looks finally got him out of the radio booth and into the TV studio where he now flourishes as an on air meteorologist.

Going forward we've suggested Brandon get something going on that might be extra special and bright. I personally suggested this aerodynamic look that can cut right through our whistling Midwest winds. I believe the twist of black, orange, and red reveals his hidden passion to live on the edge of the fashion world.

Continuing on the weather related theme, Here's a special look that clearly brings to mind the sun and the flares that are constantly surging from its surface . Without the sun there would be no life and that's the way our station would be if he ever left the weather team. Of course the accessory beads bring to mind the planets in our solar system and the yellow neck hair makes a huge statement.

Last but not least, this might be a special look that shows his dangerous and flirty style entwined with his love of 80s big hair music. It's what we call the kiss look and I think this could really rock the weather world. Only he could sport this look properly.

Well, the fashion police are calling and I have to keep up with the B-Marshes of the world. With summer's heat on the way, I'm thinking of shaving my head and adding a snowflake tattoo for my love of snow. Decisions, decisions! Roll weather, congratulations, and much affection Brandon. So glad you just signed that 2 year contract.

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