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Late Saturday afternoon the temperature in Cedar Rapids stood at 75 degrees, far from the normal of 83. That 75 comes after a very crisp night that saw Independence, Iowa dip to 49. Davenport was right behind at 50 and here in Cedar Rapids we posted a low of 52.

As you can see below, a high of 75 and low of 52 would be a typical September 14th day

Some of the coldest overnight lows in the nation were reported in north-central Wisconsin where low to mid 40s prevailed. Tomahawk was one of the coldest at a fresh 43 degrees.

The refreshing summer break will last at least 5 more days thanks to an upper air pattern that looks like this on Tuesday.

The day 0-5 temperature departures showing the cool air.

Beyond day 5, I'm continuing to see signs of a much warmer pattern for at least 6-10 days. See how the upper air flow has changed to this August 7th...10 days from now.

The center of the ridge is even more pronounced over Missouri at day 15 (Sunday August 12).

It's interesting to note that the hot dome is centered over the part of the Midwest that is currently experiencing extreme drought. It's very common for heat and drought to go hand in hand during summer. I could certainly see why the EURO is doing what it's doing.

Anyway, if this comes to pass as it now appears it will, summer warmth is back in the picture, and perhaps in a stout way by August 7th. Here's the day 5-10 temperture departures on the EURO EPS ensemble.

As the ridge grows so do temperatures. The day 10-15 departures look like this.

The EURO shows several days August 4th-11th where highs reach the upper 80s, perhaps 90.

Suffice it to say, summer still has some kick and we'll get a taste of that in about a week. My thoughts are it's only temporary and cooler conditions will return towards the middle of August. Roll weather...TS

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