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There's an old saying about weather that goes, "in times of drought, signs of precipitation don't pan out". That looks to be the case with a weather system which will be crossing the central Midwest Wednesday. You can see the disturbance below.

Last night several different models were showing various parts of my area with rain totals of an inch or more. More recent data has picked up on some dry mid level air that seems to be dramatically reducing rain forecasts. In other words, the potential for impactful rains in my southern counties (where it's needed the most) has decreased significantly.

That's not to say there won't be any rain but it does look to be hit and miss. A few spots will get some good downpours but many more will receive light amounts of 1/4" or less. Here's what the Weather Prediction Center is forecasting the next 36 hours.

If you're one of those needing and looking for rain, the overall pattern does appear active the next 6 days. Another system brings rain chances Friday with an even stronger disturbance expected Monday. The EURO is especially bullish on rain totals showing this through next Monday.

Here's a larger perspective of the entire Midwest.

Meantime, look for some widely scattered showers and a few storms Wednesday. With the additional cloud cover temperatures will be cooler around my area with highs holding in the upper 70s to near 80. It will however be another sticky day. Roll weather...TS

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