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It's going to be dry for the rest of the weekend but there are parts of the Midwest that are waiting for rain.

The drought persists in southern Iowa and into northern Missouri. There is a chance for widespread rain in the Midwest starting Sunday night.

Showers and thunderstorms will be possible through the day Monday and will be most likely in Iowa and portions of Missouri and Illinois. Some heavy rain will be possible with PWATS (precipitable water) values of over two inches.

That's a whole lot of moisture and is a recipe for muggy conditions and heavy rain.

Here's a look at the GFS total precip for this event:

And the European:

There are similarities in the models, showing spikes in rainfall of around 5-7 inches, just not in the same location. However, rainfall will be pretty widespread and much of the Upper Midwest should pick up *something.* Unfortunately this likely won't bust the drought, but will bring some rain to places that desperately need it.


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