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A big late summer storm spun its way across the central Midwest Monday bringing widespread showers and thunderstorms to the region. High moisture levels and strong dynamics produced rains of nearly 7" in southwest Iowa. The reports below were only through 7:00am Monday.

Here's another rainfall graphic from Monday evening at 8:00pm showing how the rains had spread east during the day. Hopkinton in Delaware county, Iowa had 4.25". Thanks to the Iowa Flood Center for the update.

You can see the storm center Monday evening crossing northern Missouri.

Here's the classic satellite image showing the injection of moisture into the system and a healthy deformation zone NW of the surface low. Very impressive and a look you would expect to see in an intense winter storm.

Tuesday as the storm moves off to the east the focus shifts from wet weather to cooler drier conditions.

Just look at the NW winds which could gust to 30 mph or more Tuesday. A testament to the strength of the August storm.

With considerable cloudiness and northerly winds, Tuesday's temperatures will generally remain in the 70s and stay there the remainder of the week. Here's the forecast highs Tuesday on the GFS. Some 60s up there in NE Iowa.

Notice how the northerly winds scour out the moisture. Here you can see the PWAT's (precipitable water vapor) Monday...up around 1.8" to 2.00".

Here's Wednesday's water vapor dropping by more than an inch. That will make things much more comfortable.

Also, clear skies and light winds Tuesday night will make for ideal radiational cooling. Our hi-res models are showing lows Wednesday morning in the 40s, the coolest in more than 3 months. Decorah shown at 45 and Spencer at 44.

As for any additional rain, I don't see much of that until our next trough arrives Friday. After it departs the pattern turns summery once again this weekend with highs approaching 90. Humidity will also be a factor as moisture returns and August goes out on a toasty note. Roll weather...TS

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