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The numbers are coming in from this past summer (June-August) and the temperature departures look like this. Most areas near to slightly above normal.

Here's the nation as a whole.

Despite most of the country being warm (and very muggy here in the Midwest) temperatures weren't extreme and continued a downward trend on highs that's being going on since the 1930's. Our highest temperature in Cedar Rapids this year was 97 but that was measured in May. You can clearly see the cooling below.

A Midwest perspective.

Interestingly enough the cooling is most likely the result of global warming. There's more moisture in the atmosphere which limits the amount of both heating and cooling...less extremes in both direction. Despite less 100 degree heat, summers are far more uncomfortable with dew points of 75-80 becoming regular occurrences.

The increased moisture can also lead to heavy rain events and that was the case this summer, especially the last half of it. The Midwest was one of the wetter parts of the nation.

Going forward the next 5 days look warm and dry as the remnants of Florence block the westerlies. Here's the 500mb flow Saturday.

The 5 day temperature departures.

A transition to cooler weather takes place by day 10 as Canadian high pressure begins to advance southeast. Notice the difference in the 500mb jet stream flow.

The day 8-13 temperature departures. A stark reversal to fall-like temperatures

Saturday will be the 10th consecutive day with no rain in most of my area. The streak should reach at least 13 days before any chance of rain returns to the forecast. The next good opportunity arrives with the change to cooler weather the middle of next week. The EURO has most of my area dry through Wednesday night but by the end of Friday shows this for total rainfall. Some impressive amounts over the northern half of the Midwest.

Meantime there's not much going on as the westerlies are blocked by Florence and an upper level ridge. That means what you see is what you get, summer temperatures and sunshine. Have a nice weekend and roll weather...TS

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