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In New Hampton, Iowa they've been keeping rainfall records since 1897 (121 years). With 3 months to go in the year the gauge there has measured 55.98". That's 24.06" above normal. That's far more than Iowa's big flood years of 2008 and 1993 and makes this the wettest year on record. Did I mention there's still 3 months to go! You can also see how 2018 compares to the drought year of 2012.

Here's the same data for some other major cities around my area.

Here's the yearly precipitation departures for Iowa and the Midwest. There's New Hampton with nearly a 30" departure. Most of northern Iowa is 15-25" above normal.

Rain is still at the forefront of the forecast as a boundary wavers around the Midwest the next 7 days. Wednesday ahead of a cold front my local area resides in the warm sector and temperatures will soar. Highs in some areas are likely to be as much as 25 degrees warmer than Tuesday.

Dew points will also surge into the 70s on southerly winds gusting to 30 mph.

The warmth and moisture will generate some pretty healthy instability and CAPE for October 3rd.

As a fast moving cold front zips across Iowa scattered thunderstorms are a good bet. You can see them here on the simulated radar at 10pm Wednesday evening.

The potential of a few strong storms will exist. SPC has this for a severe weather risk. The greatest threat is in Wisconsin where an enhanced risk exists.

Once the front goes by a quick surge of cool air will drop temperatures ending any rain early Wednesday night. By Thursday highs will be as much as 30 degrees cooler than Wednesday.

The roller coaster continues into the weekend as the front vacillates around the Midwest. It all means periodic showers and storms and big temperature swings. With near record levels of October moisture it's a near certainty much of the region will see at least another 2-5" of rain between now and next Tuesday. The Weather Prediction Center shows this for 7 day rainfall totals. Crazy numbers for October.

Needless to say the pattern is active and destined to stay that way into early next week. Roll weather...TS

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