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Before we get to the weather, a tip of the hat to my weather team of Rebecca Kopelman, Brandon Marshall, and Nick Stewart. All are part of my KGAN CBS2 weather team that won two Upper Midwest Regional Emmy Awards over the weekend. Nobody works harder and cares more about the product than these guys. I'm extremely proud and pleased to have them as part of my team. Some fine looking hardware if I say so myself! Heavy too!

Now to the weather. The end is in SIGHT! That's right, this punishing pattern of rain, flooding, and severe thunderstorms is breaking down. However, before the end game arrives there's still another 24-36 hours where more of the same is the name of the game.

One thing apparent Monday was the fact that temperatures were substantially warmer over my area and southeast Iowa than over the weekend. The Quad Cities really broke warm with an 84 degree high. On the other hand the NW corner if the state was in the low 50s.

That dramatic temperature contrast will be the focus of more showers and thunderstorms at it wavers around through Wednesday morning. Then it gets a kick east as a cold front and down go the temperatures and moisture levels that have been driving this crazy pattern.

Check out the 6-10 day precipitation outlook. Below normal amounts!

A big flip on temperatures too as readings go from above to well below normal.

During the transition Tuesday (and in some areas Wednesday) the threat of strong storms will exist in a few areas. The Storm Prediction Center has this for a risk Tuesday.

There is also the possibility of more heavy rain in the stronger storms. The Weather Prediction Center has a moderate risk of flash flooding all the way from Lake Superior to NE Texas.

WPC also indicates this for rainfall totals through Wednesday. The threat of flash flooding and river flooding is real.

Wednesday night the front passes and the colder drier air takes command. By Friday morning the NAM has lows reaching freezing.

Like it or not, winter is slowly making inroads. I about ready for some white gold! Roll weather...TS.

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