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The big news in my local area is the fact that that Wednesday nights runs of our weather models have backed off on snow prospects in my area Thursday night and Friday. Up until then most data indicated much of the region was in line for an inch or two of accumulation from two systems combined.

However, the latest output shows most of the snow from system 1 staying southeast and system 2 further southwest. The black-hole effect surfaces again!

As a result, the new and new and refined tracks snowfall forecasts have a much different look than 24 hours ago. Here's the new run of the GFS. It has only 0.1 of snow on Cedar Rapids. Yesterday it had 3.8". You can see the comparison below.

Last night.

Barring any major last minute changes, some light snow or snow showers are still possible Thursday night and parts of Friday. However, most accumulations should be a dusting to 1/2" (maybe some isolated 1" amounts). Here's the latest snowfall forecasts I have as of Wednesday night.

The 3k NAM


The GFS (same as above)