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No doubt it was a frigid start to the weekend in eastern Iowa. In fact, some records were broken Saturday morning. With clear skies, fairly light winds, and some snow on the ground temperatures fell down into the teens.

Burlington also broke it's record low temperature, getting down to 13 degrees. The previous record of 16° was set in 1957.

On top of the cold temperatures, it felt even colder. Check out some of the wind chills from Saturday morning:

The afternoon wasn't much better. Even with some sunshine early in the day temperature struggled to rise and everyone stayed below the freezing mark.

Temperatures were 20 to 25 degrees below normal Saturday afternoon and also set records. Cedar Rapid high temperature (26°) is a record for the coldest high temperature for November 10th. The previous record was 28° in 1950.

Sunday will be a little bit warmer at least, this is as a warm front lifts north cross the area. Winds will continue out of the south and bring some slightly warmer air in. We'll still be below average, but with some sunshine it'll feel nicer outside.

Unfortunately colder air moves in for the start of the work week as another cold front moves through the Midwest. Back below freezing we go....

One thing that might warm you up a little bit is the 8-14 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. There will be a flip in the pattern coming and temperatures will likely be near and above normal toward the end of November.

We just have to wait another week or so... Until then, stay warm!


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