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Sunday was a pretty nice day (relative to what we've been dealing with) with sunshine and temperatures in the 40s. Temperatures were still below normal and the entire month of November has been below normal so far. Temperatures are around 5-7 degrees below normal for the month so far across the Upper Midwest.

Unfortunately another shot of even colder air is on the way as the week begins.

A cold front is quietly moving through Sunday night into Monday. There will be some gusty winds at times and clouds, but little to no precipitation. Temperatures will be back down below freezing on Monday -

Temperatures are back in the teens Monday night....

And wind chills will be near zero:

Temperatures are going to be in the 30s and 40s through the week and into the weekend. There will be a little change in the pattern with a ridge building in the upper levels.

Some slightly warmer air will move in next week and into the end of November and you can see the trend here with the forecast for Cedar Rapids:

Temperatures will likely be below normal for 20 straight days before getting above normal next week.

With the warming trend the weather will be pretty quiet across the Midwest. Here's the 10 day precipitation forecast:

Stay warm! RK

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