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A storm is on the way to the Midwest. And usually this time of year - climatologically the coldest time of year - we'd be talking about snow. But with temperatures well above normal we're talking rain. Temperatures are going to be back in the 40s and 50s Monday afternoon.

Temperatures may be within a few degrees of record highs, too. With the unseasonable warmth will come some unseasonably high moisture levels.

We're talking about 300 to 500% above normal moisture levels. This will contribute to unseasonably high precipitation amounts though Monday.

First, here's a look at the system as it moves through -

Rain is going to be widespread and could be heavy at times. There's still some differences on where exactly the heaviest rain falls, but here's a look at the latest sweep of models.





These are some impressive totals for January. On average, the Upper Midwest has 0.7 to 1.0" of rain during the entire MONTH of January.

Rain ends late Monday and then temperatures get knocked back into the middle of the week.

Temperatures Tuesday will still be above normal...

Then we cool on down Wednesday...

We don't stay down for long, though. Temperatures will gradually warm back up into the weekend. Here's an example with a meteogram for Cedar Rapids.

Winter's not here right now, but let's enjoy the unusual January weather now... before winter comes back.


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